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Results for the KOK World Series from Tallinn, Estonia 16.10.2021


King of Kings made their second appearance this year in the Estonian capital of Tallinn this past Saturday with two title fights headlining a stacked card. In the main event, the number one ranked KOK welterweight Chico Kwasi of Holland dominated against top Estonian fighter Hendrik Themas to capture the KOK Interim Welterweight Championship. The current World Welterweight Champion is Constantin Rusu and Kwasi is expected to face him eventually.

There was also a female Bantamweight WGP tournament which was won by Estonia’s Astrid Johanna Grents who became the first ever KOK Women’s Bantamweight Champion by defeating both Sigrid Kapanen and Ludovica Ciarpaglini. Full results for the event can be found below.

KOK Hero’s Series Results

-60 kg: Stanislav Teniugin (EST) def. Siim Viljus (EST) by UD

-63 kg: Oleg Moshin (BLR) def. Karl-Margus Haud (EST) by UD

-77 kg, MMA Rules: Sergei Strinza (EST) def. Edvinas Bubelis (LT) by TKO (punches), 2nd rd

-85 kg: Volodymyr Hynzu (UKR) def. Aleskey Larin (EST) by UD

KOK World Series Results

-71 kg, Boxing Rules: Jvgeni Ravlusevits (EST) def. Mohammed Shushan (CAN) by UD

KOK Women’s Bantamweight WGP Semi-Final Fights

Ludovica Ciarpaglini (ITA) def. Ilona Wojda (PL) by SD

Astrid Johanna Grents (EST) def. Sigrid Kapanen (EST) by UD

-73 kg: Dmirij Varec (BLR) def. Ott Remmer (EST) by UD

KOK Women’s Bantamweight WGP Final Fight

Astrid Johanna Grents (EST) def. Ludovica Ciarpaglini by SD (extra round)

-77 kg, KOK Interim Welterweight Championship Fight, 5x3 min

Chico Kwasi (NL) def. Hendrik Themas (EST) by UD

The next live KOK event will be the 20th of November from Vilnius, Lithuania. The next live event on FightBox HD will be this Saturday, the 23.10.2021, Enfusion Talents 86 from Wuppertal, Germany. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.




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