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  • Results for MMA Bushido from Almaty, Kazakhstan 08.04.2021

    MMA Bushido, the mixed martial arts branch of the King of Kings organization, returned to Almaty, Kazakhstan for the third time since October 2020, once again featuring a one-night, 16-man MMA tournament, this time at -57 kilos. The eventual winner of the tournament, Sagynay Shukir, won 1,000,000 in Kazakhstani Tegni (about $2,300), the MMA Bushido Kazakhstan -57 kg championship, plus a brand new car. There was also one kickboxing bout and one boxing rules bout. The full results for the night can be found below.

    Opening Round Fights


    Abil Huseynov def. Zhiger Dulatbekov by submission (anaconda choke), 1st rd

    Zhanbolat Kurmashev def. Duman Nurtleuov by submission (knee bar), 1st rd

    Sagynay Shukir def. Talgat Zhumagaliev by SD

    Melis Malayev def. Talgat Khalmuratov by UD

    Meyir Abylgaziev def. Sayan Myrzabaev by submission (head triangle), 3rd rd

    Bakhtiyar Nesipbek def. Arman Saltykov by submission, 2nd rd

    Darkhan Skakov def. Rustam Saidullaev by TKO (punches), 2nd rd

    Bekzhan Utemisov def. Yernar Zharylkasyn by UD


    Quarter Final Fights


    Abil Huseynov def. Zhambolat Kurmashev by DQ (illegal knee to grounded opponent), 2nd rd

    Sagynay Shukir def. Talgat Khalmuratov by UD

    Abylgaziev def. Bakhtiyar Nesipbek by submission (RNC), 2nd rd

    Darkhan Skakov def. Bekzhan Utemisov by submission (RNC), 1st rd


    Semi Final Fights


    Sagynay Shukir def. Zhambolat Kurmashev by UD

    Bekzhan Utemisov def. Bakhtiyar Desipbek by UD


    Final Fight

    Sagynay Shukir def. Bakzan Utemisov by UD


    -62 kg, Boxing Rules, 6x3 min: Zhandos Kydyralyev (KZ) def. Ryspek Bektenov by UD

    -67 kg, Kickboxing Rules, 5x3 min: Zhanibek Kanatbayev (KZ) def. Oleksandr Yefimenko (UKR) by UD


    It should be noted that in the quarter finals Kuramashev was actually disqualified for using an illegal knee on Huseynov. However, because Huseynov was unable to compete and there were no replacement fighters, Kuramashev took Huseynov’s place in the semi-finals.

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