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KOK World Series - LIVE from Tallinn, Estonia 16.10.2021


FightBox is proud to announce that King of Kings, one of the most recognizable brands of kickboxing, will return to live action from Tallinn, Estonia on Saturday October, 16th 2021 starting at 6:00 pm CEST (7:00 pm in Estonia).

After a few successful events in Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania, King of Kings continues its tour of the Baltic states with the next stop being Tallinn, the second Estonian event for KOK this year.

The main attraction of the evening is a KOK Interim Welterweight Title fight. Chico Kwasi of Mike’s Gym in Holland will face top Estonian fighter Hendrik Themas in a five round fight. Despite not having made a single appearance in KOK since winning the Welterweight Championship in October of 2018, Constantin Rusu is still officially recognized as being the reigning title holder. It is expected that whoever wins the fight between Kwasi and Themas will either challenge Rusu for the World Title or simply become the full World Champion eventually if Rusu never returns to the division.

Also, King of Kings will make history once again as they crown the first ever female bantamweight champion. A four-woman WGP Championship Tournament will be held in Tallinn, featuring fighters from Estonia (Astrid Grents and Sigrid Kapanen), Poland (Ilona Wojda) and Italy (Ludovica Ciarpaglini). The drawing to determine the order of the semi-final fights will take place at the press conference and official weigh-in ceremony the day before the event. However, it could happen that Ilona Wojda and Sigrid Kapanen square off again, after having met just one month ago in Riga, with Kapanen getting the win on points. The full fight card for the evening can be found below.


KOK World Series in Tallinn (part 1)

-60 kg: Stanislav Teniugin (EST) vs. Siim Viljus (EST)

-63 kg: Oleg Moshin (BEL) vs. Karl-Margus Haud (EST)

-77 kg, MMA Rules: Edvinas Bubelis (LT) vs. Sergei Srinza (EST)

-85 kg: Volodymyr Hunzhu (UKR) vs. Aleksey Larin (EST)

KOK World Series in Tallinn (part 2)

KOK Women’s Bantamweight WGP (fight order TBD 15.10.2021)

Ludovica Ciarpaglini (ITA)

Ilona Wojda (PL)

Sigrid Kapanen (EST)

Astrid Grents (EST)

-71 kg, Boxing Rules: Mohammed Shushan (CAN) vs. Jvgeni Ravlusevits (EST)

-73 kg: Dmitrij Varec (BEL) vs. Ott Remmer (EST)

KOK Women’s Bantamweight WGP Final Fight

winner 1 vs. winner 2

KOK Interim Welterweight Title Fight, -77 kg, 5x3 min

Chico Kwasi (NL) vs. Hendrik Themas (EST)

King of Kings provides events of the very highest level by bringing together world class athletes and the most dedicated fans of combat sports to the largest arenas in the world. KOK has a wide fan base due to its nature, its intensity and spontaneity and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 60 countries, the King of Kings coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox subscribers at Card is subject to change.




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