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Results for Mix Fight Championship 24 LIVE on FightBox HD 27.01.2018

Mix Fight Championship was once again live on FightBox HD, this time from Izmir, Turkey, with another huge night of fights. All fights were held under Mix Fight Rules with the exception of two boxing matches. Many familiar MFC faces were in action, as well as a number of top Turkish fighters. Also, the controversial and entertaining Bob “The Beast” Sapp made an appearance, as did K1 legend Peter Aerts. The full results can be found below.

Undercard fights (not live on FightBox, to be replayed later)

-75 kg: Johannes Baas Avila (Dominican Republic) def. Okan Bitane (Turkey) by UD

-75 kg: Mecid Hasembeygi (Iran) def. Murat Ismik (Turkey) by TKO, 1st rd

-70 kg, Boxing Rules: Eduard Domke (Germany) def. Hicham El Hajii (Morocco) by UD

+95 kg: Gokhan Gulucu (Turkey) def. Rastikhan Shahin (Iran)

Main Card fights LIVE on FightBox

-64.5 kg: Jan Kaffa (Holland) def. Yusuf Erdogan (Turkey) by TKO, 2nd rd

-72.5 kg: Christoph Wunn (Germany) def. Omer Kurt (Turkey) by TKO, 2nd rd

+100 kg: James McSweeney (England) def. Firouz Fakhri (Iran) by TKO, 2nd

“Show Fight”: Peter Aerts (Holland) vs. Atakan Arslan (Turkey) - Draw

-78.5 kg: Arian Sadikovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) def. Sinan Ulutruk (Turkey) by KO, 3rd rd

-69 kg, Boxing Rules: Ugur Sahin (Turkey) def. Fabrizio Rubino (Italy) by UD

-67 kg: Damian Johansen (Holland) def. Umut Norgaz (Turkey) by UD

-70 kg: Arbi Emiev (Russia) def. Hasan Toy (Turkey) by SD (extra round)

+100 kg: Selcuk Ustabasi (Turkey) def. Bob Sapp (USA) by retirement (towel thrown) 1st rd

+95 kg: Sergio Pique (Suriname) def. Mehmet Ozer (Turkey) by TKO, 3rd rd


Keep an eye out for the next episode of The FightBox Podcast, which will feature both pre fight and post fight interviews with Bob Sapp and Selcuk Ustabasi along with video footage of the full fight. The next live event on FightBox HD will be Superkombat Kickboxing on 16.02.2018. More information coming soon.


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