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Results for LNK "Fight Night 7" from Riga, Latvia 12.05.2018

LNK Boxing was once again live on FightBox HD this past Saturday for "Fight Night 7" in the Latvian capital of Riga. The event featured 13 bouts under a boxing, kickboxing and MMA rules. The main event was a lightweight boxing mach for two championships - the IBF and WBO International Titles. Full results for the event can be found below.


Fight 1, Boxing Rules, 6x3

Volodymyr Matviichuk (Ukraine) vs. Ivans Levickis (Latvia)

Winner: Ivans Levickis (SD)

Fight 2, Boxing Rules, 8x3

Jean Pierre Habimana  (Belgium) vs. Luther Clay (United Kingdom)

Winner: Luther Clay (TKO)


Fight 3, Kickboxing Rules, 3x3

Kirill Kornusko (Belarus) vs. Janis Ziedins (Latvia)

Winner: Janis Ziedins (SD)


Fight 4, Boxing Rules, 4x3

Lyuben Todorov (Bulgaria) vs. Vahram Vardanyan (Latvia)

Winner: Vahram Vardanyan (TKO)


Fight 5, Kickboxing Rules, 3x3

Janu Da Cruz (Poland) vs. Stas Makarenko (Latvia)

Winner: Stas Makarenko (TKO)


Fight 6, Boxing Rules, 6x3

Yauheni Aleinik (Belarus) vs. Artjoms Ramlavs (Latvia)

Winner: Artjoms Ramlavs (RTD)


Fight 7, Boxing Rules, 4x3

Aliaksandr Niakhaichyk (Belarus) vs. Milans Volkovs (Latvia)

Winner: Milans Volkovs (KO)


Fight 8, MMA Rules, 3x5

Azamat Mustafaev (Poland) vs. Danik Vesnenok (Latvia)

Winner: Azamat Mustafaev (submission)


Fight 9, Boxing Rules, 6x3

Giorgi Zedginidze (Georgia) vs. Andrej Pokumeiko (Latvia)

Winner: Andrej Pokumeiko (TKO)


Fight 10, Boxing Rules, 6x3

Gabriel Lecrosnier (FRA) vs. Jevgenij Aleksejev (Latvia)

Winner: Jevgenij Aleksejev (UD)


Fight 11, Boxing Rules, 8x3

Ambrosi Sutidze (Georgia) vs. Konstantin Ponomarev (Russia)

Winner: Konstantin Ponomarev (UD)


Fight 12, Boxing Rules, 10x3

WBO International Middleweight Title

Gonzalo Coria (Argentina) vs. Artur Akavov (Russia)

Winner: Artur Akavov (UD)


Fight 13, Boxing Rules, 12x3

IBF Inter – Continental Lightweight Title, WBO International Lightweight Title

Ismael Barroso (Venezuela) vs. Isa Chaniev (Russia)

Winner: Isa Chaniev (UD)



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