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Results for the KOK Mega Series from Riga, Latvia 01.04.2023


King of Kings returned to Riga this past Saturday for the Mega Series for the first Latvian event of 2023. The main feature was a four-man bantamweight WGP tournament in which Latvian up-and-comer and KOK debutant Arsenijs Nikolajevs defeated Ismail Al Kadhi in the tournament final after an extra round to claim the tournament championship. KOK veteran Rodrigo “Miniero” also picked up a victory by knocking out Latvia’s Einars Goldberg. Full results for the evening can be found below.


Preliminary fight (not televised)


65 kg (Chess-Boxing): Maxim Golubovskis (LV) def. Vaicheslav Borshevskis (LV) by checkmate, rd 5


Hero’s Series


-60 kg: Deividas Zamba (LT) def. Aleksandr Zeleznekov (LV) by decision

-61 kg (boxing): Ricards Zarins (LV) def. Marius Marciunas (LT) by TKO, rd 2

-61 kg (MMA): Ivan Kozhechenkov (LV) def. Mantas Rimsa (LT) by UD

-85 kg: Ignas Pauliukevicius (LT) def. Raimonds Martinovskis (LV) by KO, rd 1


KOK Mega Series in Riga 2023


KOK Bantamweight WGP Tournament Semi-Final Fights, -60 kg, 3x3 min

Arsenijs Nikolajevs (LV) def. Beka Gabisonia (GEO) by UD

Ismail Al. Kadhi (CYP) def. Maks Kowalewski (PL) by TKO, rd 1

-77 kg: Vjaceslavs Teless (LV) def. Giorgi Nakhutsrishvili (GEO) by KO, rd 2

-91 kg (boxing): Vytautas Pivnickas (LT) def. Ricards Ozols (LV) by SD

-91 kg: Modestas Juodpusis (LT) def. Ilja Ivanovs (LV) by TKO, rd 1

-81 kg: Rodrigo Mineiro (BRA) def. Einars Goldbergs (LV) by KO, rd 2


KOK Bantamweight WGP Tournament Final

Arsenjis Nikkolajevs (LV) def. Ismail Al Kadhi (CYP) by SD (ex rd)


+95 kg: Kristaps Zutis (LV) def. Dwight Harkisoon (NL) by MD


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