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Results for Senshi 12 from Varna, Bulgaria 09.07.2022


Senshi, a unique brand of martial arts fighting, held its twelfth event this past Saturday and it was the first time it has been live on FightBox. The event featured thirteen fights under both KWU Full Contact rules and KWU Senshi rules. Many special guest were on hand including Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, Albert Kraus, Sam Greco and Nicholas Pettas. Full results for the evening can be found below.

55 kg: Montana Aerts (NL) def. Mina Kirlaki (GR)

65 kg: Kim Alina-Ross (AUS) def. Chiara Giusti (IT)

-75 kg: Lucas Tryfonos (CY) def. Sergey Charnetsky

+95 kg: Stefan Latescu (RO) def. Olivier Langlois-Ross (CAN)

+95 kg: Uku Jurjendal (EST) def. Bas Vorstenbosch (NL)

-75 kg: Atanas Bozhilov (BG) def. Georgi Bazanov (GEO)

-75 kg: Andrei Kedves (HRV) def. Max Spodarenko (BLR)

-80 kg: Florin Lambagiu (RO) def. Yunal Alakais (TR)

-85 kg: Eduard Aleksanyan (BG) def. Beni Osmanoski (CH)

-85 kg: Boban Ilioski (MKD) def. Jakub Smigielski (PL)

-80 kg: Nikola Todorovic (SRB) def. Nilal Bakhouche-Chareuf (FR)

-85 kg: Alexander Petrov (BG) def. Ruben Garcia (ESP)

-70 kg: Bruno Gazani (BRA) def. Dragomir Petrov (BG)

The next live event on FightBox HD will be Thursday 28.07.2022 when ESPN Africa Boxing returns to live action from Johannesburg, South Africa. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.



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