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Senshi 12 LIVE on FightBox HD 09.07.2022 from Varna, Bulgaria


Senshi, a unique martial arts fighting show, will hold its first live event on FightBox HD this Saturday, July 9th 2022 from Varna, Bulgaria starting at 7:00 pm CEST (8:00 pm local time).

For the very first time, Senshi, an exciting fight show blending standup, traditional martial arts and grappling styles, will be live on FightBox HD. Senshi fights are based on Kyokushin Karate, but allow many techniques of kickboxing, Muay Thai, shoot boxing and other styles. Great emphasis is put on tradition and many legends of standup fighting are frequent guests at Senshi events including Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and many others.

Senshi’s 12th event is right around the corner and is being billed at the “beach edition” as the fights will be happening right on the beach in Varna, Bulgaria. One featured bout includes Montana Aerts, the daughter of K1 legend Peter Aerts, who will be facing Mina Kirlaki, a Greek K1 Champion. Below is the full fight card for the evening.

-55 kg: Mina Kirlaki (GR) vs. Montana Aerts (NL)

-65 kg: Chiara Giusti (IT) vs. Kim-Alina Ross (AUS)

-75 kg: Lucas Tryfonos (CY) vs. Sergey Charnetsky

+95 kg: Olivier Langlois-Ross (CAN) vs. Danilo Voevodkin (UKR)

+95 kg: Bas Vorstenbosch (NL) vs. Uku Jurjendal (EST)

-75 kg: Giorgi Bazanov (GEO) vs. Atanas Bojilov (BG)

-75 kg: Max Spodarenko (BLR) vs. Andrei Kedvesh (HRV)

-80 kg: Yunal Alakais (TR) vs. Florin Lambaggiou (RO)

-85 kg: Beni Osmanoski (CH) vs. Eduard Aleksanyan (BG)

-80 kg: Jakub Smigielski (PL) vs. Boban Ilioski (MKD)

-80 kg: Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf (FR) vs. Nikola Todorovic (SRB)

-85 kg: Ruben Lee Garcia (ESP) vs. Aleksandar Petrov (BG)

-70 kg: Bruno Gazani (BRA) vs. Dragomir Petrov (BG)

Senshi is a spectacular combat show based on Kyokushin Karate and traditional martial arts. Top fights from around the world compete in unbelievable duels and hardcore battles and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 60 countries, the Senshi coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox subscribers at Card is subject to change.


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