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Results for Colosseum Tournament 39 from Suceava, Romania 30.06.2023


This past Friday Colosseum Tournament held one of the most impressive events the promotion has ever hosted. It was an outdoor event emanating from the grounds of the Suceava Fortress. There was a live orchestra, real gladiators, opera singers and a live rock concert after the event. Kickboxing legend Semmy Schilt and multiple time heavyweight champion Ismael Londt were also in attendance.

Two title fights headlined the event with brothers Vasile Amaritei and Alexandru Amaritei both fighting for championship gold. The younger Alexandru was able to capture the CT Interim Welterweight Title. However, his older brother Vasile was knocked out by undefeated Dutch fighter Thain De Vries in the second round. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Main Event, CT Interim Light Heavyweight Title Fight, 3x3 min, -95 kg

Thain De Vries (NL) def. Vasile Amaritei (RO) by KO, 2nd

Co-Main Event, -65 kg

Mihai Rusu (RO) def. Sakvan Arab by SD (ex. rd)

Co-Main Event, CT Interim Welterweight Title Fight, 5x3 min, -77 kg

Alexandru Amaritei (RO) def. Taur Guitor (EST) by TKO, 1st

-70 kg: Mustapha Hourri (MOR) def. Liviu Ionila (RO) by UD (ex. rd)

-95 kg: Marian Dunca (RO) def. Alin Nicola (RO) by SD

-70 kg: Andrei Sirghi (RO) def. Rayko Levitchi (RO) by UD (ex. rd)

-65 kg: Bogdan Floristean (RO) def. Ionel Balan (RO) by UD

-61 kg: Ibtissam Kassrioui (MOR) def. Lacramioara Popa by TKO, 2nd

-81 kg: Dorin Stan (RO) def. Lucian Genunchi (MD) by SD

-61 kg: Stefan Druja (RO) def. Daniel Aandrea (RO) by SD


The next live event on FightBox HD will be the KOK Summer Special Edition from Nicosia, Cyprus on Saturday 15.07.2023. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



photo by Ben Pontier



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