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Results for the KOK World Series from Tallinn, Estonia 15.10.2022


King of Kings made its second stop in Tallinn, Estonia this year, this past Saturday. The event featured a four-man WGP tournament in the welterweight division which was won by Lithuanian fighter Raimondas Avlasevicius. Both of Avlsevicius’ fights went the distance, winning his semi-final fight by split decision and the final by unanimous decision. Also, in the main event, number-one-ranked KOK welterweight Volodymyr Hynzu of Ukraine defeated number-two-ranked Hendrik Themas of Estonia. Under KOK rules, technically both Hynzu and Avlasevicius have the right challenge the current KOK Welterweight Champion Chico Kwasi, but it remains to be seen who will get the title shot first. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Hero’s Series Results

-71 kg, MMA Rules: Sergej Cheles (MD) def. Gedminas Justinas (LT) by TKO (punches), 3rd rd

-64 kg, Boxing Rules: Ernesta Kareckaite (LT) def. Sigrid Kapanen (EST) by UD

-53 kg, Muay Thai Rules: Karolina Arm (EST) def. Aleksandra Dzhikaeva (EST) by UD

-67 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Aleksandr Cerkesov (LV) def. Romualdas Auga (LT) by KO, 2nd rd

KOK World Series in Tallinn Results

KOK Welterweight WGP Semi-Final Fights

Raimondas Avlasevicius (LT) def. Roman Jarosh (UKR) by SD

Denis Makowski (PL) def. Marko Sults (EST) by UD

-67 kg: Henry Rohtla (EST) def. Oleg Moshin (PL) by KO, 3rd rd

-86 kg: Richardas Kulis (LT) def. Aleksei Larin (EST) - DRAW

KOK World Bantamweight Title Fight, 5x3 min, -60 kg

Astrid Johanna Grents (EST) def. Ilona Wojda (PL) by UD

KOK Welterweight WGP Final

Raimondas Avlasevicius (LT) def. Denis Makowski (PL) by UD

-77 kg: Volodymyr Hynzu (UKR) def. Hendrik Themas (EST) by UD


The following events have been announced by KOK and will be live on FightBox HD before the end of the year:

05.11 - Kaunas, Lithuania

26.11 - Riga, Latvia

04.12 - Krefeld, Germany

10.12 - Warsaw, Poland

22.12 - Kaunas, Lithunia

The next live event on FightBox HD will be this Friday October 21st when Colosseum Tournaments comes to Botosani, Romania. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



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