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Results for Makowski Fighting Championship from Nowa Sól, Poland 05.03.2022


Makowski Fighting Championship teamed up with the Polish Kickboxing Association to present the 2022 Polish National K1 Pro-Am this past Saturday in Nowa Sól, Poland. The event was plagued by injuries as three of the finals were cancelled including the men’s heavyweight final as well as the men’s -86 kg and -67 kg finals. The two best fighters of the night were signed to pro MFC contracts and are expected to fight at MFC 20 which should happen in September or October of this year. They were Dominika Chylińska and Kamil Dychała. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Women’s Results

-52 kg: Dominika Chylińska def. Aleksandra Mądraszewska by SD

-56 kg: Martyna Kierczyńska def. Julia Ćwiękała by TKO, rd 2

-60 kg: Natalia Stelmowska def. Zuzanna Kusiak by SD

-70 kg: Pola Rogala def. Marta Janikowska by UD

Men’s Results

-60 kg: Mariusz Lach def. Michał Gołębiowski by UD

-63.5 kg: Jakub Syc def. Robert Soboń by UD

-67 kg: Oskar Siegert def. Paweł Józefowicz by default (injury)

-71 kg: Kamil Dychała def. Krystian Topczewski by TKO, rd 1 (3 knockdowns)

-75 kg: Konrad Olszewski def. Michał Ronkiewicz by TKO (Ronkiewicz doesn’t come out for round 3)

-81 kg: Dominik Kaleta def. Jakub Szymanowski by TKO, rd 2 (3 knockdowns)

-86 kg: Karol Łasiewicki def. Kacper Frątczak by default (injury)

+91 kg: Michał Turyński def. Rafał Gąszczak by default (injury)

The next live event on FightBox will be 19.03.2022 when King of Kings returns to Vilnius, Lithuania for one of their biggest shows of the year, the “Mega Series”. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



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