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Results for Colosseum Tournament 29 from Arad, Romania 14.12.2012


Colosseum Tournament Kickboxing returned to Arad, Romania for what was the final event of a very busy 2021 for the promotion, despite the pandemic. The event featured a -61 kg World Title Fight in which Iulian Marinescu captured the vacant title. Top Moldovan fighter Vitalie Matei was also victorious as well as Romanian fight legend Alexandru Lungu. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Undercard Results (not televised, will be shown later)

-70 kg: Eric Oraseanu def. Cosmin Neagu by UD

-77 kg: Liviu Ionila def. Paul Cucerzan by TKO, rd 2 (shoulder injury)

-70 kg: Stevenson Lacuste def. Petrisor Patra by UD

-55 kg: Liliana Amarite def. Agnes Sacas by UD

Main Card Results (live on FightBox)

-61 kg: Ruben Onisor def. Daniel Mutiu by UD

-70 kg: Darius Argyo def. Vitalie Panainte (MD) by SD

-77 kg: Alexandru Iancu def. Remus Bortea by UD

-86 kg: Ion Chirilov (MD) vs. Alexandru Iantoc - DRAW

+95 kg: Vali Petrut def. Pal Garaguly (HU) by KO, 1st rd

+95 kg: Christian Conea vs. Sebastian Lutaniuc - DRAW

-77 kg: Alexandru Amaritei def. Valentin Pascali (MD) by UD

-77 kg: Bogdan Takacs def. Mirel Dragan by UD

-65 kg: Silviu Ionescu def. Alex Popescu by decision

+95 kg: Alexandru Lungu def. Vincent Liebrgts (NL) by TKO (3 knockdowns)

-61 kg, 5x3 min, Colosseum Tournament World Title Fight

Iulian Marinescu def. Mihai Rusu by TKO, 2nd rd

-70 kg: Vitalie Matei (MD) def. Madalin Craciunica by decision

This was the final Colosseum Tournament event of 2021. However, the promotions has big plans for 2022. More information will be available soon. There is still one more live event on FightBox HD this year. It will be Madness Cage Fighting MMA from Lubartow, Poland this Saturday 18.12.2021. To see a list of upcoming events on FightBox HD, click here.



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