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Results for Mix Fight Championship from Frankfurt, Germany 11.12.2021


Mix Fight Championship held their first big event since the onset of the pandemic this past Saturday in Frankfurt, Germany at Fraport Arena. The last event of such a magnitude was held in December of 2019.

The main attraction of the evening was a four-man championship tournament at 72.5 kilos which was won by Russian sensation Vlad Tuinov. Tuinov defeated a very tough Chris Baya in the semi-finals, knocking him down in round three. He then went on to defeat up-and-comer Johannes Baas to capture the title. He later remarked after the final fight that he had been dreaming of this moment since he was a child. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Main Card Results (live on FightBox)

-64.5 kg, K1 Rules (MMA gloves): Dimitros Sapanazidis (GRC) def. Nuri Kacar (TR) by TKO, 3rd rd

-72.5 kg, K1 Rules: Stoyan Kaprivlenski (BGR) def. Arbi Emiev (RU) by KO, 2nd rd

MFC 4-Man -72.5 kg Tournament Semi-Final Fights

Johannes Baas (DOM) def. Ibrahim Malak (MOR) by decision

Vlad Tuinov (RU) def. Christian Baya (NL) by decision

-64.5 kg, K1 Rules: Angelika Feit (RU) def. Sanaa El-Idrissi (MOR) by UD

+100 kg, MMA Rules: John Winter (NL) def. Sergiu Calin (RO) by submission (armbar), rd 1

-80 kg, K1 Rules: Akam Tagaregh (DE) vs. Darrel Sichtmann (NL) - DRAW

+100 kg, K1 Rules: Nenad Cosic (HRV) def. Kirill Buller (DE) by decision

-100 kg, MMA Rules: Deji Kalejaiye (DE) def. Marko Duric (SRB) by TKO, 1st rd (punches)

-85 kg, K1 Rules: Karim Mabrouk (MOR) def. Juri de Sousa (PRT) by decision


MFC 4-Man -72.5 kg Tournament Final Fight

Vlad Tuinov (RU) def. Johannes Baas by decision

Undercard Results (not live on FightBox, to be shown later)

-60 kg, K1 Rules: Ihab Lahlou (MOR) def. Viktor Felker (DE) by decision

-71.5 kg, K1 Rules: Ossama Abbad (MOR) def. Leon Kleiner (DE) by decision

-77 kg, K1 Rules: Niko Moosher (DE) def. Alexandru Cozma (RO) by decision

-64.5 kg, K1 Rules: Arthur Lier (DE) def. Qaiser Amerchel (AFG) by decision

-85 kg, K1 Rules: Nebil Negash (DE) def. Marcel Prum (DE) by decision

-85 kg, Boxing Rules, 3x2 min: Patrick Franz (DE) def. Ertan Usta (TR) by decision

-30 kg, K1 Rules (kids fight): Sali Mechmet def. Adam Alaoui by decision

-70 kg, K1 Rules: Armin Riedl (DE) def. Milan Heck (DE) by decision

-72.5 kg, MMA Rules: Danial Aghaie (IRN) def. Dragomir Dimitrov (BGR) by decision

There are still two more live event on FightBox HD in 2021: Colosseum Tournament Kickboxing this Tuesday 14.12.2021 from Arad, Romania and Madness Cage Fighting MMA from Lubartow, Poland on Saturday 18.12.2021. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.



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