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  • Arbi Emiev vs. Bobir Tagiev - Mix Fight Championship 26

    Mix Fight Championship 26 LIVE on FightBox HD from Kassel, Germany 22.06.2019 -70 kg, K1 Rules (4 oz. gloves) Arbi Emiev (Russia) vs. Bobir Tagiev (Uzbekistan) 3 x 3 min Commentators: Daniel Austin and ONE FC Lightweight Champion "The Immortal" Regian Eersel

  • Artur Kyshenko vs. Radosław Paczuski - King of Kings

    Artur Kyshenko vs. Radosław Paczuski from King of Kings in Gdańsk, Poland on October 17th, 2014 - broadcast LIVE on the FightBox HD channel.

  • Bob Sapp vs. Selcuk Ustbasi - Mix Fight Championship 24

    Bob "The Beast" Sapp takes on Turkey's Selcuk Ustabasi in Izmir, Turkey on 27.01.2018 at Mix Fight Championship 24. The fight was made at +100 kg under kickboxing rules.


    Get the full report on this fight, including interviews here:

  • Cristiana Stancu vs. Marleen Okx

    Cristiana "Mongol" Stancu (Romania) faces Marleen Okx (Holland) for two championship titles - the WMF Balkan Championship and the Continential Colosseum Championship. -65 kg, 3 x 3 min. The fight took place at the Colosseum Tournament "Titans" event on 24.05.2018 in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Danny Parker vs. Stefanos Argyrou - KOK Cyprus

    Danny Parker (England / Cyprus) takes on Stefanos Argyrou (Cyprus) during the King of Kings special summer edition in Limassol, Cyprus.

  • Enriko Kehl vs. Hu Yafei - Mix Fight Gala 19

    -71 kg, Glory Rules: Enriko Kehl (Germany) vs. Hu Yafei (China)

    From Mix Fight Gala 19 - live on FightBox HD on December 5th, 2015 from Frankfurt, Germany. Hu Yafei represents the WFL (Wu Lin Feng) promotion from China.

  • Enver Sljivar vs. Ismael Londt

    After a two year layoff, top heavyweight "Mr. Pain" Ismael Londt returns to the ring to face Enver "The Iron Bull" at Mix Fight Championship 27 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is a semi-final fight in the MFC Heavyweight Championship tournament. 3x3 min, +100 kg

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    FightBox HD is a new, hard-hitting, action-packed 24hr combat sports channel available worldwide. From MMA and boxing to arm wrestling and sumo, Fightbox is a compilation of the finest combat sports from around the globe all on one channel. No matter what your discipline, kickboxing, judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate and more, Fightbox has something for the fight fan in all of us. Watch now and be a part of the widest variety of fights ever assembled under one roof. Fightbox - feel the emotion.

  • First League

    Featuring the best fights of Golden Glory, the First League only uses world’s most established stand-up fighters as they do battle in events held all over the globe to make the world’s premiere kickboxing federation. Endorsed by some of the world’s leading financial experts and investors, First League promises an unforgettable kickboxing experience of the highest level.