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September Sumo Tournament Preview

The Aki Basho, or the September grand sumo tournament kicks off this Sunday, September 15th in Tokyo. The tournament will run for two weeks with the top two divisions of wrestlers wrestling once per day every day.

The big news coming into the Aki basho is the retirement of former ozeki (the second highest rank) Baruto. The Estonian has been plagued by injuries for the past several tournaments which have prompted his retirement. Baruto lost his ozeki rank earlier this year and continued to slide down in ranking being demoted to the second highest division of juryo for this tournament. Baruto said that he would return to Estonia for good after all the retirement ceremonies are completed later this year.

Once again atop the banzuke is the highest ranked wrestler, the yokozuna Hakuho. The Mongolian looks to capture his fourth tournament victory in a row this time around. Hakuho is also slowly closing in on breaking several records in sumo including the one for the most tournament wins in a career. At the moment he currently stands at 26 which puts him in third place on the all time list. To move into second place he would need to break Chiyonofuji’s record of 31. As for the other yokozuna, Harumafuji, he looks to bounce back after a rather lack luster performance last tournament of 10 - 5.

Sekiwake (the third highest rank) ranked Goeido makes his return to the rank for the 9th straight tournament. It seems that no matter what he does he cannot seem to break through to the sport’s second highest rank for which he would need 33 wins over the course of three consecutive tournaments. Making his debut in the sanyaku is Takayasu, at komusubi.

Generating a lot of buzz this tournament is the man who is making his makuuchi division debut, Endo. The newcomer has set a new record for the fastest top division debut ever reaching the makuuchi division in just his fourth tournament. He won the juryo division title in July with a record of 14 - 1 and is currently ranked at M13. Making a return to the makuuchi division for the first time in nearly a year is former komusubi Homasho after a devastating shoulder which cost him dearly for the majority of 2013.

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