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2020 Olympic Games Short List of Events

After a much heated debate over Olympic wrestling being ousted from the 2020 Olympic games, it seems that the fight is not over yet.

Wrestling, along with a combination baseball - softball event and squash have all been short listed after presentations were given to the IOC's (International Olympic Committee) executive board by each of the hopeful sports. Already eliminated are karate, roller sports, sports climbing, wake-boarding and wushu.

Wrestling, which traditionally dates back to ancient Greek times as an Olympic sport, was cut for the 2020 Olympic games a few months ago in order to make room for another sport which would be more relevant. This met with a tremendous uproar of disapproval from many countries, the most vocal being the United States, Russia and Turkey among others.

Many people still think that wrestling faces an uphill battle though, as of course, the IOC chose this sport to begin with to be eliminated.

There are three cities in the hunt to host the 2020 Olympic Games: Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid. Japan has a strong baseball and wrestling following and Istanbul seems to be a favorite for wrestling.

For more information on the Olympic Wrestling exclusion (and possible reuniting) see the Fightbox blog for the month of February: notes/fightbox/fightbox-blog-february-2013/148469195312264

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