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July 2016: Dawid Kasperski - Polish Kickboxing’s Best Kept Secret

This Saturday on FightBox HD, Superkombat kickboxing is back with another outstanding card, live from the seaside resort of Mamaia, Romania. As usual, there is a preliminary card (New Heroes) and a main card (World Grand Prix) and both have their fair share fights that I’m looking forward to.

When it was announced that Dawid Kasperski would be making his return to Superkombat in the co-main event on July 30th, I was very intrigued. Fans of Superkombat may remember him as the winner of the 2014 WGP in Resita, Romania, a technical fighter from Poland with thunder in his kicks. Great talent does not always guarantee success, though.

Kasperski has not returned to Superkombat since then. However, his teammate Paweł Jędrzejczyk became the first ever Pole to fight in Glory, taking on Richard Abraham at Glory 27 in Chicago. Other fellow countrymen have also found success abroad in 2016 with Rafał Dudek participating in a reality show for Enfusion, winning several fights, and recently Łukasz Pławecki competed in a four man tournament for Kunlun Fight in China, making it to the finals. Kasperski has been working hard on the Polish and amateur scenes, but without any major opportunities … until now.

I decided to reach out to Dawid and ask him a few questions to see what state of mind he is in before his big return to Superkombat this Saturday. Here is what he had to say:

You are making your return to Superkombat kickboxing for the first time since 2014. Why did it take so long?

This is a question I don’t know the answer to. The organizer decides these issues.

You will be fighting in the co-main event against a regular fighter for Superkombat, a strong Romanian fighter, Alexandru Negrea. What is the key to success for you?

My coaches looked at my opponent and made some assumptions. We’ll also see what happens when I get in there.

How are you preparing for this fight? Who are you training with?

The preparations have cost me a lot of pain and I guarantee a strong fight. I’m preparing in my club, Puncher Wroclaw, and as always my trainers Janusz Janowski and Kacper Mielnik are working on my disposition professionally and wisely. Other fighters at Puncher Wroclaw have also been helping me and I want to thank them for their support and help!

In my opinion you are one of the best kept secrets in Polish kickboxing. Why haven’t we seen you in Glory, Kunlun Fight, KOK etc.?

Thanks for saying that. I need publicity which will get me noticed so I can draw the attention of the biggest promoters and best fighters on the planet. Every day I work towards that goal so I can one day be there. I’m ready to face any of the great champions. I’m ready to play the game.

Do you have anything to say to your opponent before the fight?

Hey! Let’s go to war and give it 100%!

Do you have a message for you fans in Poland or abroad?

I’m glad that there are so many people who support me and cheer for me! I’m grateful to all of those who want me to win! You are my motivation and I draw a lot of positive energy from your support! Thank you!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

This will be my 10th fight in three months. I keep a high pace and because of this, I hope people will hear about me. I love to fight, so I have chosen this way to promote myself and I believe that this will really do a lot. I wish that the high level of my fighting would go hand in hand with promotion and a number of other components of success. I’m one hundred percent focused on being the best athlete and fighter.

I’ve had the opportunity to do commentary on several of Dawid’s fights in Poland on local shows such as Makowski Fighting Championship, Fighter’s Night and Iron Angels and each time I see him, I still can’t believe he is not signed to one of the big kickboxing promotions. Another opportunity awaits him on Saturday July 30th to prove himself.

Keep in mind that you can watch Superkombat NEW HEROES live on FightBox HD at 7:00pm Central European Time on July 30th. You can also watch the live online stream for only €3.99 at Dawid Kasperski will be fighting on the World Grand Prix portion of the event which will be replaying on FightBox starting in about one month’s time.

- Daniel Austin (Don Roid) (blog) (podcast)

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