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King of Kings - interview with Robert Rajewski

King Of Kings World GP 2014 is coming to Płock, Poland this Friday (28 November), featuring a lightweight tournament whose contestants include 24-year-old Robert Rajewski Jr. This is just one of the surprises which the International Bushido Federation has prepared for the event at the Orlen Arena. The very talented member of the Rajewski Team, raised by Robert Rajewski Sr. from Płock, believes he can seize the opportunity. It won’t be easy, however, because his rivals in the tournament are top fighters from the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Here is what Robert Rajewski had to say about his upcoming clash in the home ring:

Hi Robert. It turned out that your participation in the Lightweight Tournament at KOK WGP in Płock came as a surprise to many people. What are your thoughts on this?

Hi. I guess people are surprised because I have not appeared in the ring for some time but I think they will change their opinion when they see me against the Dutch Chris Baya.

Yes, we’d like to ask you about your next opponent in the upcoming tournament. What do you think of him and how do you see your chances? Are you prepared?

Experience is always your starting point and I think my experience is quite big as I have fought at many professional events. When it comes to K-1, this will be my biggest challenge so far and I will surely be prepared and won’t disappoint.

You’ve been switching between Sanda, K-1 and MMA lately. Congratulations on your MMA win! Do wins like that make you more confident in terms of success at KOK?

Thank you. Each victory boosts your confidence and adds to your experience. I will be more self-confident at KOK.

You’re a member of the famous Rajewski Team and you also have the same name as your father and team coach. Is it a burden, obligation or challenge to you?

No, it’s nothing like that. I think me and my brothers are all equal, we don’t compete with each other and the fact that I have the same name doesn’t make any difference as far as I’m concerned.

Do you see a difference between fighting at home, at the Orlen Arena, and fighting in other cities? How do you feel knowing that fans from Płock will focus their attention on you?

I’m surely going to feel this pressure when I’ll be entering the ring but once I’m there, I will be very concentrated and focused on the win. It is a great honor to fight and show my skills again in front of the audience in Płock.

What about the chances of other tournament contestants? Do you know them? Have you analyzed what they are capable of or are you just going to focus on yourself?

I know all of them to some extent. If I manage to beat the Dutch, I think the final will be against Mateusz Kopiec.

What can we wish you for 28 November? A victory? Or maybe the beginning of a big career following your win?

You can wish me good luck.

Good luck then and thank you for the interview!

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