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An interview with Marta Chojnoska, Polish MMA fighter

28-year old Marta Chojnoska from Płock is one of the best known Polish Martial Arts fighters. She has built her career on Judo, Sanda, MMA, and most importantly, Kickboxing. In this combat sport category, in 2009, she won her most important title, the WAKO World Champion. It also made her debut in the King of Kings possible. During the 2014 KOK World GP gala in Płock, she will fight Umit Erdogan, a Turkish-born German contestant. What does she think about the fight, her opponent and performing at her hometown? – here is what she told us in a short interview:

Hi, Marta! We are talking to you just before your fight at the 2014 KOK World GP gala in Płock. How do you feel before the fight scheduled for 28th November 2014 in your hometown? What do you think about the opportunity to fight before your own family and friends?

Hello. A fight in my own hometown is definitely something of a challenge. I’ll be under a lot of stress and pressure to deliver my best.

Could you please explain to us why martial arts are so popular in Płock? What is the secret behind the success of the city when it comes to Kickboxing?

I love Płock, it’s really amazing. Its strength comes from the people, the wonderful people of Płock.

KOK once again turned its attention to Poland and is planning to hold even more galas here. Do you think it is a chance for Polish Kickboxing to develop and hit the mainstream?

I would definitely like that. It’d be a real opportunity for our kickboxing fighters, as they really represent world-class standards.

How about your preparations for the fight? Is everything going as planned?

Thank you. Yes, everything’s going according to plan.

Your opponent is Ummi Erdogan. What can you say about her? Have you made any observations?

Ummi Erdogan is a left-hander and a very challenging opponent. She is a tough fighter who will stop at nothing.

Although Płock is your hometown, you are currently training for ‘Fight Club Lodz’. What is your opinion of the new gym and do you think your workouts in Lodz are paying off?

Yes, I’m training in Lodz. My boxing coach, Bogdan Szuba, is great. He helped me improve my boxing skills. We work quite a lot together.

You are an experienced fighter with numerous titles. What else would you like to achieve career-wise?

There’s so many things I still want to achieve, e.g. to repeat my successes and have more professional fights.

Any message for your fans? You can use this opportunity to advertise your fight and encourage people to watch the Orlen Arena gala.

Yes, I’d like to invite everyone to watch my fight at Orlen Arena on 28th November. Please, be there to support our team! :)

Thank you for the interview.

Watch the event at the Płock Orlen Arena on 28th November and get your tickets now. It is definitely worth seeing live, so don’t miss it!

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