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J-Girls Kickboxing This Weekend in Tokyo

J-Girls Kickboxing, an all-female kickboxing federation based in Tokyo, Japan returns to action this Sunday, February 23rd at the Shinjuku FACE arena for “J-Fight and J-Girls”. On the card are nine big bouts including matches to decide a number one contender for both the mini flyweight and pinweight titles.

As always, J-Girls not only focuses on fighting and competition, but also beauty and glamour. All fights between these Japanese beauties will be contested over three rounds of three minutes unless otherwise noted. For the full card, see below.

MAIN EVENT - finals of super flyweight #1 contender’s tournament

Yuuki vs Youjirou

Jyunya Kasahara vs. Daisuke Haneda (60kg)

Mini Flyweight Semi Final match

Miho vs Mitsuhori Miyako

Opening round Pin Weight Tournament Match

Yoshimi vs Momoka (JEWELS KICK 47kg champion)

Opening round Pin Weight Tournament Match

Emi Matsushita vs. Fuuka Yoshino

Takaaki Hayashi vs. Buriburizaemon (bantamweight)

Kazuyuki Goldlifegym vs. Tetsushi Kioso (lightweight)

Takehiro vs. Daichi

Comachi vs. Kaoru Ookawa (46kg)

Remember that you can also catch a lot more great J-Girls Kickboxing action on Fightbox on our program "Japan Queen Tournament"! And if you’re looking for other kickboxing and Muay Thai action, make sure to tune in for Journey Fight Series, Ultimate Fightbox Muay Thai, Explosion Fight Night, First League (Glory) and Ultimate Fightbox Kickboxing (Krush) in February and March.


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