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Krush 38 - Valentine's Day - Tokyo, Japan

Think Valentine’s Day is just for lovers? Think again! KRUSH Kickboxing returns this Valentine’s Day for “KRUSH 38” with a stacked card with nine fights including four super fights. This event will also feature the retirement ceremony of Ryuji Kajiwara, the former -63kg champion. The event takes place in Tokyo this Friday at Korakuen Hall. The full card is below.

Super Fight #1 -64kg Hidaki Yamazaki vs. Mohamed Galaoui

Super Fight #2 -61kg Kan Itabashi vs. Sho Ogawa

Super Fight #3 -56kg Nobuchika Terado vs. Yuya Suzuki

Super Fight #4 -60.5kg Hirotaka Urabe vs. Park Hyun Sung

-67kg Keita Makihira vs. Jun Nakazawa

-58kg Kenta Hayashi vs. Sei Ono

-60kg Taishi vs. Shingen Endo

-55kg Ryota vs. Tenma Sano

-58kg Kento Ito vs. Mitsutaka

Looking for more great kickboxing and muay Thai action? Make sure to catch Ultimate Fightbox Kickboxing for more Krush Kickboxing as well as Explosion Fight Night, Journey Fight Series, Japan Queen Tournament, Fighting Rookies and Ultimate First League (Glory) all month long in February on Fightbox! Click here for the current schedule!


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