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ADCC European Championships 2013 in Kraków, Poland

This year the submission fighting European championships will be held in Kraków, Poland from the 27th to the 28th of April at the KS Bronowianka Sports Hall (Hala Sportowa KS Bronowianka).

The winners of each weight division will not only receive a medal, but also an invitation to compete in the World Championships which will be held later this year.

In this style of submission wrestling strikes are not allowed and the only way to win is to force your opponent to submit or tap out. However, bouts are occassionally decided on points or referee stoppage.

The World Championships have been held every year since 1998. Overall, the majority of winners have been from Brazil, since most of the top entrants are practitioners of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which has very similar rules to the ADCC. In the past several well known MMA fighters have competed in and won the World Championships such as Ricco Rodriguez, Renzo Gracie, Jeff Monson and Dean Lister.

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