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Results for KOK 109 from Vienna, Austria 18.02.2023


This past Saturday 18.02.2023 King of Kings debuted in Vienna, Austria. The fight card consisted of fights under kickboxing, boxing and MMA rules. A KOK World Middleweight Title fight was called off due to an injury. Full results for the evening can be found below.

-65 kg, Kickboxing rules: Achmedcan Alt (AT) def. Karen Galestyan (AT)

-60 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Francesca Prescimone (NL) def. Stella Hemetsberger (AT)

-71 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Amin El Garbi (TR) def. Milos Jaksic (SRB) by UD

-75 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Ivan Zareva (UKR) def. Djordje Cicmilovic (AT) by KO, 1st rd

-63 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Can Akyar (AT) def. Benjamin Herveth (RO) by UD

-80 kg, Boxing Rules: Driton Isenaj (AT) def. Ondrej Budera (CZ) by TKO, 4th rd

-80 kg, Boxing Rules: Mansur Elsaev (AT) def. Frank Rojas (ESP) by TKO, 1st rd

-71 kg, Boxing Rules: Turpal Elsaev (AT) def. Gabor Gorbic (HU) by SD

-70 kg, MMA Rules: Hasan Chamzatov (AT) def. Mihajlo Rajic (SRB) by sub (RNC), 1st rd

+95 kg, MMA Rules: Fatih Aktas (AT) def. Adnan Alic (SRB) by sub (RNC), 1st rd

+95 kg, MMA Rules: Arya Sheiky (NL) def. Sultan Evloev (AT) by TKO, retirement after 2nd rd

The next KOK event will be MMA Bushido from Brussels Belgium on 18.03.2022. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.


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