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Results for Madness Cage Fighting 7 from Lubartów, Poland 18.12.2021


Madness Cage Fighting made its live debut on FightBox HD this past Saturday. The event featured an MCF Welterweight Title fight and also a few kickboxing rules matchups with MMA gloves. The main event saw a horrific injury cut the fight short when just seconds after the opening bell Adrian Kurek snapped his leg bone in half. The fight was immediately stopped and Marcin Poźniak was declared the new Welterweight Champion by default. The full results for the evening can be found below.

Undercard Results (not televised)

-70 kg, MMA Rules, semi-pro: Dominik Buczek def. Szymon Staszewski by UD

-65 kg, K1 Rules: Michał Krupa def. Szymon Samorajczyk by UD

-66 kg, MMA Rules, semi-pro: Paweł Rybski vs. Nikolay Pirozhnik (BLR) - DRAW

+91 kg, K1 Rules, pro-am: Daniel Szych def. Piotr Janicki by UD

-84 kg, MMA Rules, semi-pro: Mateusz Szczepaniak def. Dominik Sztaba by TKO, 2nd rd (punches)

-77 kg, MMA, semi-pro: Bartek Nowak def. Robert Wróblewski by UD

Main Card Results (live on FightBox)

-73 kg, MMA Rules, semi-pro: Krystian Olszta def. Bartosz Wdowiński by SD

-71 kg, K1 Rules (MMA gloves): Mateusz Wojtowicz def. Filip Szostak by KO, 1st rd

-57 kg, MMA Rules, semi-pro: Karolina Gackowska def. Marta Rodzik by SD

-70 kg, MMA Rules: Giorgi Esiava (GEO) def. Sviatoslaw Zhymanov (RU) by TKO, 1st rd (strikes)

-84 kg, MMA Rules: Mateusz Gola def. Sabastian Skiermański by TKO, 1st rd

-75 kg, K1 Rules (MMA gloves): Martosz Guz def. Emil Chorążewski by UD

-98 kg, MMA Rules: Rafał Kijanczuk def. Felix Polianidis (CYP) by submission due to strikes, 1st rd

-77 kg, MMA Rules, MCF Welterweight Title Fight

Marcin Poźniak def. Adrian Kurek by TKO, 1st rd (injury)

MCF 7 was the last live event of 2021 on FightBox HD. As of now, the next live event is schedule for January 28th, 2022 when King of Kings returns to Istanbul, Turkey. Click here for a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD and check back soon for more information.



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