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Results for FightBox’s KOK World GP in Helsinki, Finland 17.05.2019


King of Kings kickboxing returned to live action on FightBox HD last night as the promotion made their debut in the country of Finland. This was the first time that Finland had ever held a professional kickboxing event of this magnitude.

The main attraction of the evening was a four-man Featherweight World GP Tournament. Finland’s Pok Biil won the tournament with two very impressive performances. In his semi-final fight he disposed of Latvia’s Janis Freimans by TKO in the 2nd round. Then, in the finals, he went the distance with another Finnish fighter Lauri Suomela. Although the matchup was quite one-sided in favor of Biil, Soumela put up a very spirited battle.

In the second portion of the event, Daniel Forsberg defeated Raimonds Aukstikalnis after five rounds to capture the vacant KOK Middleweight World Championship. The full results for the evening can be found below.

FightBox KOK World GP in Helsinki 2019 results (live on FightBox)

-60 kg: Abdifatah Khalif (FIN) def. Alireza Aholami (FIN) by UD

-50 kg: Satu Mykkanen (FIN) def. Crista Padu (EST) by UD

KOK -65 kg World GP Semi-Final #1

Lauri Suomela (FIN) def. Dariusz Skoczek (PL) by UD

KOK -65 kg World GP Semi-Final #2

Pok Biil (FIN) def. Janis Freimanis (LV) by TKO, 2nd rd

-65 kg: Henri Kurtilla (FIN) def. Timo Venalainen (FIN) by SD

-69 kg: Matas Pultarazinskas (LT) def. Sami Leino (FIN) by UD

KOK -65 kg World GP Final Fight

Pok Biil (FIN) def. Lauri Suomela (FIN) by UD


KOK World Championship 2019 in Helsinki results (not live on FightBox, will air in two weeks)

-77 kg: Raimondas Avlasevicius (LV) def. Tommi Savolainen (FIN) by KO, 3rd rd

-71 kg: Niko Korventaus (FIN) def. Matas Grubliauskas (LT) by UD

-77 kg: Ali Taimouri (FIN) def. Tomasz Zamyslowski (PL) by SD

-65 kg: Kristoffer Bjorkskog (FIN) def. Daniil Gayduk (EST) by UD

-85 kg, KOK Middleweight World Title Fight, 5 x 3 min

Daniel Forsberg (FIN) def. Raimonds Aukstikalnis (LV) by UD


The next live KOK event on FightBox will be 31.05.2019 when King of Kings returns to London, England and the historic York Hall. The next live event on FightBox will be next Saturday 25.05.2019 with Thunderstrike Fight League MMA from Pionki, Poland. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.




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