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Kunlun Combat Professional League - May 17th, 18th and 19th 2019


FightBox is proud to announce that Kunlun Fight, China’s biggest kickboxing organization, returns to live action on the 17th, 18th and 19th of May with more great team kickboxing fights from the Combat Professional League series.

Kunlun Combat Professional League (KCPL) is China's first League Fighting Serial affiliated with Kunlun Fight. KCPL includes sixteen top-tier kickboxing teams representing sixteen Chinese cites on the bracket, fighting for ultimate supremacy. All the KCPL events in May will start live at 1:00 pm CEST (12:00 noon in the UK, 7:00 am EST).

Each KCPL Event is comprised of six fights in the categories of -52.5 kg (Females), -60 kg, -63 kg, -66 kg, -70 kg and -75 kg. Each KO / win / draw / loss / under & overweight counts as 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 / -1 on the score sheet. When an event is completed, the KOs / wins / draws are added across and under & overweights are factored in. The team with the higher score is the winning team. Each team can use foreign fighters without any limits on their lineup. Points are awarded to the individuals as well, so any fighter with a higher ranking will be granted chances to fight for Kunlun Fight numbered events.

The system adopts a double round-robin style for the pre-season and single elimination in the playoffs for a total of 125 fights throughout the year. Only the top four teams respectively from the North and South Divisions will earn their spot in the playoffs to continue contending for the championship and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 60 countries, the Kunlun Combat Professional League coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers at Card subject to change.



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