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Results for FightBox KOK Hero’s Series in Vilnius, Lithuania 16.03.2019


King of Kings returned to live action on FightBox HD in front of a massive crowd of over 10,000 fans live in attendance at Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania. FightBox showed the first three parts of the event live. The fourth and final part, the “KOK World Championship” will be rebroadcast in about one month’s time.

The featured bout of the evening was a KOK Lightweight Title Fight with champion Vitalie Matei defending against the number one lightweight contender, Henrikas Viksraitis. This was the fight that almost didn’t happen after Viksraitis failed to make weight. When he stepped on the scales on Friday afternoon he weighed 72.8 kilos. However, he did eventually manage to make the 71 kilo weight limit within the contracted time, even shaving off his beard to lose the last 100 grams. The fight ended up going the full five rounds in a closely contended battle.

Also on the card was the return to action of Julija Stoliarenko after reaching the semi-finals of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter “Heavy Hitters” reality show last fall. Evladas Petrauskas was back in the KOK ring again after recovering from a hand injury late last year in his second professional boxing bout since winning a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The full results for the evening can be found below.

KOK World Championship (not live on FightBox, will be replayed later)

-93 kg, KOK Rules: Sergej Maslobojev (Lithuania) def. Fraser Weightman (England) by KO, 2nd rd

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Daniel Forsberg (Finland) def. Tomas Steponkevicius (Lithuania) by KO, 3rd rd

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Mindaugas Narauskas (Lithuania) def. Mikhail Supredka (Belarus) by UD

-69 kg, KOK Rules: Lauri Suomela vs. Jan Naus ended in a DRAW after and extra rd.

-67 kg, KOK Rules: Mantas Pultarazinskas (Lithuania) def. Hubert Dylewski (Poland) by SD

FightBox World Series

Main Event, -71 kg, KOK Lightweight Title Fight, 5 x 3 min

Henrikas Viksraitis (Lithuania) def. Vitalie Matei (Moldova) by SD to become the new champion

+93 kg, MMA Rules, 3 x 5 min: Tomas Pakutinskas (Lithuania) def. Sergei Firsov (Belarus) by TKO (punches) 1st rd

-65 kg, KOK Rules: Igor Osinin (Lithuania) def. Saliou Mouhamadou (Italy / Niger) by SD

-65 kg, Boxing Rules, 4 x 3 min: Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) def. Kahka Avetisiani (Georgia) by TKO, 1st rd (three knockdowns)


FightBox KOK Hero’s Series

-62 kg, MMA Rules: Julija Stoliarenko (Lithuania) def. Natalia Diachkova (Russia) by submission (armbar) 1st rd

-75 kg, KOK Rules: Raimonds Avlasevicius (Lithuania) def. Danilo Mangione (Italy) by SD

-62 kg, MMA Rules: Ernesta Kareckaite (Lithuania) def. Tekle Iaganashvili (Georgia) by TKO (punches) 1st rd

-85 kg, KOK Rules: Paulis Mitkus (Lithuania) def. Naglis Kanisauskas (Lithuania) by SD

-85 kg, MMA Rules: Erikas Golubovskis (Lithuania) def. Dmitry Zasiniets (Belarus) by TKO (punches) 2nd rd


-60 kg, KOK Rules, 3 x 2 min: Dovydas Levickis (Lithuania) def. Ismail Alkadi (Cyprus) by SD

-71 kg, KOK Rules, 3 x 2 min: Dovydas Rimkus (Lithuania) vs. Mantas Grubliauskas (Lithuania) - DRAW

-67 kg, KOK Rules: Laurynas Sriubiskis (Lithuania) def. Dmitrij Romaniuta (Russia) by UD

The next live KOK event on FightBox will be in two weeks in Istanbul, Turkey. Kickboxing legend Albert Kraus will headline the event. The next live event on FightBox HD will be LNK Boxing from Riga, Latvia this coming Saturday March 23rd. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.




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