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Results for FightBox’s KOK Hero’s World Series from Sarkoy, Turkey 11.08.2018


King of Kings held its debut show in Turkey from the seaside resort town of Sarkoy on Saturday August 11th 2018. The event was held in the town square just meters from the sea with an unconfirmed number of thousands of spectators jam packed around the ringside area shoulder-to-shoulder. Long time Turkish fighter and promoter Erkan Varol co-promoted the event with KOK President Donatas Simanaitis. All fights were under KOK kickboxing rules. The full results for the event can be found below.

-67 kg: Ramazan Capalar (Turkey) def. Muhammed Rahmani (Iran) by TKO, 1st rd

-60 kg: Arash Shafai (Iran) def. Mehmet Ali Atun (Turkey) by UD

-71 kg: Kamran Akhmadov (Georgia) def. Muhammed Karabuga (Turkey) by UD

-59 kg: Tugce Fedakarturk (Turkey) def. Gizem Islam (Turkey) by SD

-75 kg: Sinan Cagala (Turkey) def. Mohammed Iso Ibrohimov (Uzbekistan) by UD

+90 kg: Mert Akin (Turkey) def. Hadi Norouzian Asl (Iran) by KO, 1st rd

-60 kg: Irem Capar (Turkey) def. Malihe Mardi (Iran) by UD

-74 kg: Okan Bitane (Turkey) def. Rahim Guliyev (Georgia) by SD

+90 kg: Burak Durgun (Turkey) def. Adem Vargun (Turkey) by TKO, 2nd rd

-83 kg: Onur Teker (Turkey) def. Alister Pulatov (Uzbekistan) by KO, 1st rd

+90 kg: Umid Namuratov (Uzbekistan) vs. Adem Ozdemir (Turkey) - DRAW



The next live event on FightBox HD will be RFX MMA from Bucharest, Romania on August 20th. To see a list of the upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.

Below is the calendar of KOK events for the remainder of 2018

Septermber 21st - Kaunas, Lithuania

September 29th - Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

October 6th - Chisinau, Moldova (not on FightBox)

October 13th - Tallinn, Estonia

October 27th - Riga, Latvia

November 17th - Vilnius, Lithuania

November 30th - Valencia, Spain

December 8th - Chisinau, Moldova



* schedule subject to change


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