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Superkombat Heavyweight WGP - LIVE on FightBox HD on Monday October 30th at 7:00 pm CET


FightBox is proud to announce that Superkombat Fighting Championship, one of the top kickboxing promotions in the world, returns to live action on Monday October 30th at 7:00 pm Central European Time (8:00 pm Romania).

This exclusive VIP event will see two world class fight promotions coming together for the first time ever to put on a history-making combat sports event inside the same cage. Superkombat kickboxing teams up with RXF MMA to offer fans a unique event where both promotions’ fighters will compete inside the cage, each under their own separate rule sets. FightBox will broadcast the first part of the event live, the kickboxing Heavyweight WGP, and will be airing the MMA portion of the event at a later date.

In two international matchups, Robert Constantin of Italy will take on Serbia’s Sasa Polugic. Constantin is on a role in Superkombat having already picked up two big wins in 2017 in April and in May. Then, Alex Radnev of Romania faces Luca Pantio of Italy. The full fight card for the event can be found below.

Fights LIVE on FightBox HD

Robert Constantin (Italy) vs. Sasa Polugic (Serbia)

Alex Radnev (Romania) vs. Cosmin Vaduva (Romania)

Ion Grigore (Romania) vs. TBA

Bunea Izidor (Romania) vs. Paslariu Marius (Romania)

Daniel Stinghe (Romania) vs. TBA

Superkombat is the largest martial arts promotion in Europe, featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport and is ranked as Europe’s premier kickboxing league. Superkombat produces events worldwide and promotes a brand of professional kickboxing which is self-acknowledged as not just a sporting event, but also entertainment and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 40 countries around the world, the Superkombat live coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers and will be streaming online at for only €3.99!!



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