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Results for Mix Fight Gala 21 LIVE on FightBox HD 06.05.2017


Mix Fight Gala 21 took place in Heilbronn, Germany in front of a packed Kolbenschmidt Arena on Saturday May 6th, 2017 with a number of memorable, hard-hitting and controversial fights. The night was highlighted by a four-man -78.5 kg contenders’ tournament under kickboxing rules. In addition Russian standout fighter Vladislav Tuinov was in action and the Mix Fight Gala -95 kg championship was up for grabs.

Kyokushin Karate black belt Sergej Braun of Germany defeated Akham Tarageh in a very dubious bout by unanimous decision to face Regian Eersel in the finals of the -78 kg tournament after Eersel TKOed Austria’s Marco Pleschberger in the 2nd round of his semi-final fight. The final was a brutal and unpredictable fight as Braun broke Eersel’s nose with a high kick that unleashed a fountain of blood only seconds into round one. Miraculously, Eersel was able to compose himself and went back on the offensive, knocking out Braun later in the round with a liver shot to become the number one contender to the championship. After the fight it was announced that “The Immortal” is set to face the current -78.5 kg champion Darryl Sichtman on December 2nd at Mix Fight Gala 22. The full results for the evening can be found below.

Undercard Fights

Kickboxing Rules, -86 kg: Emeilio Calisse (Germany) def. Jan Unal (Turkey) by KO, 2nd rd

Kickboxing Rules, -60 kg: Naomi Sibel (Holland) def. Saskia D’Effremo (Germany) by decision

MMA Rules, -90 kg: Tobias Bauer (Germany) def. Andre Timofeev (Russia) by decision

Kickboxing Rules, -63 kg: Jan Kaffa (Holland) def. Qaisar Amer Chel (Afghanistan) by KO, 2nd rd

Kickboxing Rules, -81 kg: Mohammad Abdulmajid (Oman) def. Mekong Panzu (Kongo) by DQ (illegal knee)

Kickboxing Rules, -78 kg: Eskandar Moradi (Germany) def. Aftenie Ovidiu (Romania) by decision

Kickboxing Rules, -95 kg: Rade Krulanovic (Germany) def. Admir Hamidovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by decision

MMA Rules, -70 kg: Paata Tschapelia (Paata Tschapelia) def. Shirzad Noorzai (Afghanistan) by submission (ankle lock), 1st rd

Boxing Rules, -77 kg: Sukru Altay (Turkey) def. Mirza Ganic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by KO, 1st rd


Fights LIVE on FightBox HD


Four-man -78 kg Contenders’ Tournament, Kickboxing Rules

Semifinal 1: Sergej Bruan (Germany) def. Akam Tarageh (Iran) by UD

Semifinal 2: Regian Eersel (Holland) def. Marco Pleschberger (Austria) by TKO, 2nd rd

Kickboxing Rules, -69 kg: Damian Johansen (Holland) def. Nuri Kacar (Turkey) by UD

Muay Thai Rules, -67 kg: Juri Kehl (Germany) def. Chris Whittle (England) by UD

Kickboxing Rules, -81 kg: Omer Kocak (Turkey) def. Pitti Saengwilai (Thailand) by KO, 1st rd

Boxing Rules, -69 kg: Hicham Elhajji (Morocco) def. Pierre Woloszynski (Germany) by UD

Mix Fight Gala -95 kg Championship Fight, Kickboxing Rules

Jerome Heinz (Germany) def. Oskar Sokolowski (Poland) by UD (extra rd)

Co-Main Event

Kickboxing Rules, -72.5 kg: Vladislav Tuinov (Russia) def. Sebastian Mendez (Germany) by UD

Finals of -78.5 kg Contenders’ Tournament, Kickboxing Rules

Regian Eersel (Holland) def. Sergej Braun (Germany)

FightBox will be replaying both the undercard and the main card of this event soon. To check when you can see this event, please visit the schedule on our official website. Also, an exclusive interview with Russian fighter Vladislav Tuinov and the President of the W5 Kickboxing organization Sergey Chepinoga was recorded after Mix Fight Gala 21 for The FightBox Podcast. The interview will be available on Wednesday and will be available on our official website The next Mix Fight Gala event will be on Saturday December 2nd.


Mix Fight Gala 21 stage


Special guests Remy Bonjasky, Enriko Kehl and Dennis Silver


Oskar Sokolowski after the fight


"Team W5" Andrey Chadin, Vladislav Tuinov and Sergey Chepinoga



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