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Results for Tatneft Cup Kickboxing from Kazan, Russia 06.09.2018


Tatneft Cup kickboxing returned to live action on FightBox HD on Thursday September 6th from their home base of Kazan, Russia. The event featured six quarter final fights in three different weight divisions. The full results for the event can be found below. For more information visit

-70 kg: Oleg Lihtorovic (Belarus) def. Bekzan Matysaev by KO, 1st rd (Kyrgyzstan)

-70 kg: Ivan Kondratiev (Russia) def. Sajfullah Hambahadov by decision (Russia)

-80 kg: Dmitry Menshikov (Russia) def. Ali El Ameri (Morocco) by decision

-80 kg: Vladimir Degtyarev (Russia) def. Matej Kozubovsky (Czech Republic) by decision

+80 kg: Eldar Oliveira Garcia (Holland) def. Konstantin Gluhov (Latvia) by decision

+80 kg: Igor Darmeskin (Russia) def. Murad Asimov (Uzbekistan) by decision

Tatneft Cup’s next big event will be next month on October 25th. The next live event on FightBox HD will be Cage Ring Championship 9 “Prime Time” on Sunday September 16th. To see a list of all the upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



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