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Full results for FightBox’s KOK Hero’s World Series in Chisinau, Moldova 24.03.2018



For the second straight week King of Kings was live on FightBox HD, this time from the Moldovan capital of Chisinau. The event featured the first ever KOK Women’s Championship fight as well as a four-man featherweight tournament. The full results for the event can be found below.

FightBox KOK Hero’s World Series Results (live on FightBox)

-65 kg WGP Tournament Semi-Final #1

Dmitrii Sirbu (Moldova) def. Valdis Beleavskii (Belarus) by KO, 2nd rd

-65 kg WGP Tournament Semi-Final #2

Issam Laazibi (Morocco / Holland) def. Hristian Andonov (Bulgaria) by UD

-71 kg: Vitalie Matei (Moldova) def. Giovanni Spanu (Italy) by KO, 1st rd

-95 kg: Alexandru Burduja (Moldova) def. Danut Hurduc (Romania) by UD

-65 kg WGP Tournament Final

Dmitrii Sirbu (Moldova) def. Issam Laazibi (Morocco / Holland) by UD

-51 kg, Women’s Title Fight 5 x 3 min

Nadejda Cantir (Moldova) def. Esma Hasshass (Morocco / Holland) by SD

FEA Championship Results (not live, will be shown later)


-67 kg: Petru Morari (Moldova) def. Marin Vetrila (Moldova) by UD

-71 kg: Denis Farkas (Czech Republic) def. Rdu Copaceanu (Moldova) by UD

-55 kg: Donna Cheli (Moldova) def. Alicja Zomkowska (UK / Poland) by UD

-75 kg: Mina Manoli (Moldova) def. Maxim Pleshko (Romania) by UD

-84 kg: Maxim Zaplitnii (Moldova) def. Vasile Borsevschi (Moldova) by TKO, 2nd rd

KOK WGP (not live, will be shown later)

-77 kg WGP Tournament Semi-Final #1

Constantin Rusu (Moldova) def. Matteo Calzetta (Italy) by UD

-77 kg WGP Tournament Semi-Final #2

Dorel Cristian (Moldova) def. Marcus Powell (England) by UD

-95 kg: Vlad Hurduc (Romania) def. Mateusz Zukowski (Poland) by KO, 1st rd

+93 kg: Maxim Bolotov (Moldova) def. Oleg Zablotskii (Belarus) by UD

-95 kg: Vasil Ducar (Czech Republic) def. Samir Boukhidous (Morocco / Holland) by UD (extra rd)

-65 kg: Stanislav Renita (Moldova) def. Simon Santana (Norway) by UD

-77 kg WGP Tournament Final

Constantin Rusu (Moldova) def. Dorel Crisitian (Moldova) by SD (extra rd)


It was an action-packed night at KOK in Moldova and a night which answered many questions and created new ones. The winner of the -65 kg WGP, Dmitrii Sirbu should go on to become the number one contender for Stanislav Renita’s Featherweight Championship. The two have already fought three times in the past, with Renita winning two of the bouts. Also, Constantin Rusu was victorious in the -77 kg WGP tournament and should go on to challenge the current Welterweight Champion Zaurs Dzavadovs sometime in the future.

Moldova’s Nadejda Cantir won by split decision to become the first ever KOK Women’s Strawweight Champion. However, with the decision so close, there are already rumors of a rematch swirling around KOK.

If Vitalie Matei, who won the -71 kg WGP in February in Latvia is not yet considered the number contender for Dorel Cristian’s Lightweight Championship, he most certainly is now after his incredible knockout victory in Chisinau. The same is true of Vasil Ducar who won the -95 kg WGP in 2017 and again won in Chisinau last night.

The event schedule for King of Kings can be seen below.

30.05 - Moscow, Russia

16.06 - Finland

23.06 - “Summer Edition” in Limasoli, Cyprus

07.07 - London, England

The next live event on FightBox HD will be Superkombat Fighting Championship in Bucharest, Romania - TONIGHT 25.03.2018 starting at 7:00 pm CET (8:00 pm Romania). Live stream is available at for only €3.99.




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